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1. Hospitality

Have you already visited an important touristic portal and found yourself lost and confused like in a big unknown city? PepeMare is a small and intimate website, made by people, to receive you. With us hospitality starts online.

2. Honesty

We receive you on our website showing you who we are and what we're like. We personally visit our accommodation facilities and give a picture of ourselves to show you that we don't tell lies.

3. For families with children

We know well the dreams and the expectations of families with children. Let us make you some suggestions and send immediately a ...

4. Not binding request

Holidays have to be chosen calmly. That's why requests you send us are never binding (but if you want, you can book immediately online). Free of charge and without constraints we'll inform you about prices and availability. We'll give you the ...

5. Lowest Price Guarantee

If you find the same accommodation at a lower price than with us, let us know! We will offer you an even lower price! Furthermore, you will get the ...

6. Guarantee of information

With PepeMare you don't book before we haven't answered all your questions. For sure, because you will get an ...

7. Exact reservation

With PepeMare you book a specific apartment of the accommodation facility which satisfies your requirements. Not one out of many! You've got the possibility of choosing!

8. Changes are free

Our families book far in advance. In case of new requirements or changes in booking with PepeMare you can do it free of charge!

9. With you on holiday

Any problems during your holidays? Send us a text or SMS on Whats App. We will call the manager's office of the resort and solve the problem. Shortly you'll get the answer.

10. Positive review

You might have certainly realized why the reviews on PepeMare are positive! Our secret is to inform you and to be next to your side. If you are informed your holiday will be a success; well! why; "scientia est potentia" – Knowledge is power! Don't let your holiday be subject to the caprice of fortune!

11. Let's keep in touch

At the end of your holiday let's keep in touch! You can follow our trips in Italy for some inspiration and every now and then we'll inform you about our new proposals!

12. Repeat the fun

There's a very high probability that you'll come back and book your holiday with PepeMare: you know that you can rely on us, that our apartments are beautiful and that your holiday will be a success! why not repeat it?

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09/02/2024 03:36:49
Very helpful and gave great advice.
Wonderful and informative.
I cannot think of anything you coud do better! Bravo! Perfecto!
Muro Lucano or Lansdale
... vai piano ...