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Booking procedure PepeMare

How do I make a reservation at PepeMare?

  1. Choose a distinctive Apartment or Hotel (in the following called "Hotel") from PepeMare.
  2. Check the availability of the Hotel by filling in the "check availability" form.
  3. Fill in the time period, the number of travelers, your contact details and any other question and finally send us your request form.
  4. Click onto the "Send" button.
  5. You will receive a response by email shortly afterwards (maximum within a day) containing the offer for your Hotel.

Availability confirmed: How do I book now?

In order to book the Hotel enquired about once the availability was confirmed you make a binding booking request via email or telephone. Simply write us that you want to book the Hotel or call us at phone. You will receive a response to your booking request by email shortly afterwards (maximum within a day). The email contains the bank account details of the Hotel or of PepeMare. In order to book the Hotel you have to send a deposit to the Hotel owner or to PepeMare within 2 days after receiving the bank account details. The deposit is done directly to the Hotel owner or through PepeMare. The deposit is normally between 20% and 40% of the total amount. Once the Hotel or PepeMare receives your deposit, you get a final confirmation email by PepeMare and the Hotel is booked for you.

Final payment: How and when do I pay?

Normally you will pay the remaining amount at your arrival in the Hotel. There are different payment methods (cash, credit card, debit card or bank transfer) depending on the respective hotel. Private apartment owners normally do not have the possibility to accept credit card payment, therefore cash payment is preferred. If you haven't the possibility to pay cash, you can pay the remaining amount via bank transfer before your holiday. Payment of the remainig amount is usually done directly to the Hotel and is not done through PepeMare.

Will I be charged for the booking?

Using PepeMare is absolutely free. When booking with PepeMare there will be no fees for the traveler, such as booking fees.

Special offers for booking at PepeMare

Frequently PepeMare agrees special offers with the owner of the Hotels or of the Hotel hotels. These special offers and price reductions are valid for booking through PepeMare only. Subscribe our Newsletter service and get our offers per email.

Data Protection

The protection of your personal data is important to us. PepeMare assures that your personal data will only be used for reasons of administration and for the transaction of the bookings. The data will only be forwarded to a third party as long as it is necessary and useful for the administration and transaction of the bookings. It is forwarded only to that extent as is legally allowed. The transmission of your data to any third party for commercial reasons does not occur. Should you have further questions on our data protection policy please contact us.

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