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The history of PepeMare - between sharing, travels and welcoming

My name is Giuseppe, I was born in a small village of Abruzzo - on the Adriatic coast - which is called Torano Nuovo. Here I spent my childhood and adolescence. Since then the time seems flew away, but the values of my family have strongly remained with me.

Welcome and Sharing. My family has rural origins. My grandparents had a large farm, the rough hands and face marked by sun and hard work. People with a big and warm heart, welcoming and always ready to share their wealth with the less fortunate. I remember their smile, the lunches in the countryside after work, the welcome we breathed in every corner of the farm. The same feeling that I met at home with my parents, good and generous people.


The study and the desire to explore the world I have brought me away from Torano Nuovo, in particular I arrived in Germany, where I live from the year 2000. I always want to go back to visit places where you grew up; for this reason I decided to buy an apartment by the sea in Tortoreto Lido, close to my family and friends of my childhood. To spend here my holidays was really nice and funny! The apartment, however, remained empty most of the time... To see unused such a beautiful place was a real shame!

Values guide you. Rediscovering what I learned when I was a child, I immediately felt the desire to share the apartment with other people, accommodate other families and give them the possibility to spend their holidays and unforgettable moments!

With this idea I founded PepeMare in 2007. At the beginning PepeMare had only one apartment online (the mine) but the website was visited very much. In particular German families were enthusiastic about the passion with which I welcomed them in my apartment and they appreciated Italy as a destination for their holidays.

Success went on. When you do something with passion, success is only a matter of time. After a few months from the publication of the website, other owners of apartments and residences, interested in the German market, contacted me asking for collaboration with the "PepeMare". What a nice surprise, to see so important hotels and residences contacting me, a person that had never even read a book on tourism.

Excited and eager to make happy many people (travellers on the one hand and on the other the apartment owners that had my same passion for hospitality), I leave my job as employee and dedicate myself to PepeMare! Initially I was supported and helped by my beautiful ex-wife Elena; then the family company has grown and today there are about 10 people working around it. PepeMare received immediately a great success not only in Germany but also in Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, and Holland.

The recipe for success. The concept that I follow is very simple: I only offer destinations in which I would spend myself my holidays with my children that are accommodations that make of hospitality and sharing their point of strength, and who love children. It is not always quality accommodation above average. Often I stay in places that are simple, cheap, but in which however you breathe the same air of welcoming of the farm of my grandfather. Yes, this is very important for me!

Today I am pursuing the mission of helping my travellers to live the happiest moments of their life, the moments that remain imprinted in the album of memories! To reach this objective I follow some simple actions:

  1. I visit myself the destinations that I offer in PepeMare, to verify their suitability to the needs of my travellers;
  2. the website of PepeMare is rich of details and information;
  3. I offer the traveller a fast service, attentive and friendly;
  4. all my actions will be based on a strong integrity.

If you are reading these last lines it means the history of PepeMare involved you. Thanks so much, I am honoured and I send you a big hug! I invite you to choose one of my destinations. If you have any questions, contact me also, I am available and I will answer you with pleasure.

I am looking for your holidays with PepeMare!

Ihr Giuseppe Pepe

Giuseppe Pepe

In the picture on the side, I'm the one on the right, even though I'd rather be the one on the left :) I studied Engineering until I was 26, then I got my PhD in Electronics in Germany. I could have chosen a much more serious photograph of myself, posing with my best suit, but I thought it would be quite boring and not very appropriate to describe who I really am. I preferred a photograph in which I'm laughing and enjoying myself with my son Leonardo, both of which I do with great pleasure

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I started working in the tourist sector when I was 16 years old: I was a waiter in a hotel during the summer holidays. With the little money I earned, I used to buy rock music CD's and go to the disco with the guests of the hotel I was working for. I was a waiter until the age of 19, and then I decided to plunge into electronics and computer programming. They say that your first love can never be forgotten: well, I fully agree. Since I founded PepeMare I have gone back to the tourism world! I have also been able to combine my passion for computer programming to my natural inclination of socializing with new people. In PepeMare I'm in charge of the website, marketing and communication and the image of our business. I'm also a consultant for the tourist who's looking for a destination and for the hotelier who's looking for guests. I really enjoy personally meeting the families which have booked with us, and watching them have a great time during their Italian holidays. Could my 11 years away from home have brought me to love Italy so much?

Leonardo & Riccardo Pepe

We are the Pepe brothers: Leonardo and Riccardo. Nice to meet you!

Even though we are very young, we already play an active role in PepeMare. Riccardo recently appeared in the Christmas greetings flier/poster/greeting card. We both visit the apartments and residences together with our dad. In PepeMare we are responsible for choosing the apartments and residences suitable for children. When we go to a residence we verify if children could enjoy themselves, if there are any games and if the owners are nice to us.

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In the photo on the side we are in the Civitella del Tronto fortress. Although we are very lively, we weren't the ones who reduced the fortress to this state!!


Hello everybody! My name is Luis, I'm the little dog of Leonardo and Riccardo.

I spend the day playing with them, and I really like the couch at home!

Here in PepeMare I take care of the choice of pet-friendly accommodations. Since I like to run and have fun, I check if the facilities have the spaces suitable for us animals, if there are beaches where we can bathe, and if the owners of the facilities are nice with me.

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If you also have a dog and you want advice on a nice place to go on holiday, send me an e-mail, I'll suggest you something nice!

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