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Holidays in Italy 2017: our offers for you

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Residence Cherie

Residence Cherie

Resort, 150 m from the sea, with dog

  • Residence Cherie
    is 150m far
    from sandy beach (sea)

  • Residence Cherie
    pet friendly

  • 47 attractions!
    Discover them!

Advisor: Giuseppe Pepe
Villa Ricetro

Villa Ricetro

550 €

Holiday home "Francesca 1"
Price for 7 Nights:
550 €
Book now!

Resort, 17 Km from the sea, with sea view, pool, Internet, dog

Kimberly Apartments

Kimberly Apartments

480 €

Holiday apartment "Beau Sancy"
Price for 7 Nights:
480 €
Book now!

Luxury vacation apartments on the promenade of San Benedetto del Tronto, overlooking the sea

  • 17 Reviews for
    "Kimberly Apartments"

  • Kimberly Apartments
    is children friendly
    according to the criteria of PepeMare

  • Kimberly Apartments
    is 20m far
    from sandy beach (sea)

  • Kimberly Apartments
    pet friendly

  • 88 attractions!
    Discover them!

Borgo San Pecoraio

Borgo San Pecoraio

294 €

Holiday apartment "MONO 2"
Price for 7 Nights:
294 €
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Resort, 15 Km from the sea, with sea view, pool, Internet, dog

Advisor: Giuseppe Pepe

How beautiful Italy is!!

The favorites of PepeMare

Beautiful Italy!

The nation with the major number of UNESCO sites in the world, with 65% of the world's artistic heritage, with 800 km of coastline and a unique food and wine tradition. What are you waiting for to come to Italy for a holiday?
Valle d'Aosta
Valle d'Aosta AOSTA VALLEY: it's always beautiful Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso. The most beautiful mountains of Italy are waiting for you, marvellous in winter as well as in summer, for sensational excursions.
Trentino Alto Aldige
Trentino Alto Aldige TRENTINO: every day is extraordinary The marvellous Dolomiti panoramas and the enchanting landscape of Lake Garda are only a click away from each others! What are you waiting for?
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Friuli Venezia Giulia FRIULI: guests of unique people Let nature embrace you, just the way you like it! To give body and mind a treat choose the “land of contrasts” with high mountains only a few steps from warm beaches!
Sardinia SARDINIA: almost a continent Sardinia, synonym for sea, villages and tradition, is the paradise of PepeMare's tourists. Discover one of the world's most beautiful seas!
Sicily SICILY: a storytelling land The biggest of all islands surrounded by the most beautiful beaches of Italy. This incredible region seems to be a single gigantic museum, where the majestic Valley of the Temples rises not far from the sunny Agrigento.
Calabria CALABRIA: mediterranean thought Beautiful seaside resorts lie on the Tyrrhenian coast as well as on the Adriatic coast. Among churches, castles and palazzi is Calabria a fantastic destination for your trip!
Veneto VENETO: between earth and sky There's no Veneto without Venice; The world's most beautiful city will enchant you with its charm and treasures. But the region has much more to offer: the pink peaks of the Dolomites and sandy beaches are only a small part of what is waiting for you!
Lombardy LOMBARDY: fatal attraction Some of the best known centres of fashion and Italian culture are waiting for you in Milan and Padua. A trip to satisfy the worldly as well as the naturalistic aspect, with landscapes which go from the Alps to Lake Como and Lake Maggiore.
Basilicata BASILICATA: quality and nature Well known tourist resorts on the coast like Metaponto and Policoro alternate with old charming hill villages!
Campania CAMPANIA: a land in the sunlight A sunny and spectacular landscape, full of fragrances and attractions. Just to mention those you can't miss: the bubbling Vesuvius, the incomparable ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the islands in the Gulf of Naples and the Cilento on the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Apulia APULIA: where nature is colour Discover the beautiful beaches of the Gargano or the fantastic sea of the Salento! Admire the Trulli of Alberobello and the beautiful city of Lecce! Apulia is the synonym of nature and fun!
Lazio LAZIO: 2000 years of holidays All streets lead to Rome. Every holiday leads to the eternal city with its incomparable historic, artistic and cultural beauties.
Molise MOLISE: out of the ordinary A region to discover, overspread with villages and castles which alternate with protected and uncontaminated areas. Discover Molise!
Abruzzo ABRUZZO: naturally yours Green and montainous land, a region with a wild charm. Important natural reserves rise on the Gran Sasso and the Laga Mountains; downhill you'll meet with medieval villages, castles and beautiful sandy beaches!
Marche MARCHE: Italy in one region In the Marche there are all the beautiful landscapes of\Italy, only a few kilometers from\each others. Important trekking trails, beautiful villages and sandy beaches make this region a privileged place for family holidays
Umbria UMBRIA: green heart of Italy The region is best known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Enchanted places, like the Marmore Falls and the Trasimeno Lake, alternate with cities like Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio and Spello with their stone houses!
Tuscany TUSCANY: divinely yours Here are 3 very good reasons for visiting Tuscany: Florence, the Tuscany archipel and the Chianti. But honestly, there's much more to be seen, because the region is not only a shrine of natural and historic beauties, but has also got superb beaches.
Emilia Romagna
Emilia Romagna EMILIA ROMAGNA: with soul and a smile Emilia Romagna has got Europe's longest coastline! Studded with important touristic cities like Rimini and Riccione it's a destination which those who love beach and fun shouldn't miss!
Piedmont PIEDMONT: discover it now Piedmont is a real pearl of\Italy: think of the beauty of the Alps, the azure banks of Lake Maggiore and the wonderful landscape with the vinyards of Monferrato, and then add fine food and wine tasting to it. Give it a try!
Liguria LIGURIA: land to love One of Italy's best known touristic destinations: who doesn't know the Cinque Terre, Sanremo and the Flower Riviera? The azure waters of the Ligurian Sea are waiting for you!
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